Dumpster Sizes

What Size Dumpster Is Needed for Your Project?

Given the significant amount of waste you will have to deal with, you may be considering clearing out your home of clutter and trash or starting a building or remodelling project, but you are unsure of how you will manage it. You may feel pretty overwhelmed if you have never considered renting a dumpster container.

Not to worry; that is why we are here. What size dumpster to hire is another issue that needs to be addressed initially. Therefore, have a look at the many dumpster sizes that Samuelson Disposal Services LLC has to offer. Soon, this will all seem like a walk in the park.

15 to 20 yard dumpsters

This dumpster is the smallest size of any of our dumpsters. When it comes to sheer carrying capacity, this 10-yard dumpster can hold as much waste, trash, and rubble as three standard pickup trucks. Because of this, even though this is the smallest dumpster container you can get from us, it can already hold a substantial amount of trash.

These containers are 12 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 2.6 feet high. Typically, we only advise using these for the simplest tasks, like:

  • A single layer of shingles for the roof
  • Solid wastes, such as bricks, concrete, or dirt
  • Cleanout of the garage, basement, or attic
  • Kitchen renovation

For small-scale home remodelling projects in Naperville, contractors or homeowners should use 10 yard dumpsters. When a pickup truck is unable to complete the task, this dumpster is the best option because it is simple to set up on your driveway.

20 yard containers

Samuelson company owners and homeowners frequently rent one of our 20-yard dumpster dumpsters. These dumpsters measure 13′ long by 8′ wide and 5′ high. Although not so small, this kind of dumpster is suitable for other little projects. This is frequently preferred by contractors who have a small workstation over a 10 yard roll-off dumpster. The following jobs are perfect for using this size dumpster:

  • larger attic or basement cleanout.
  • larger shed or garage cleanout.
  • Sheathing for roofs
  • Removal of carpet or flooring
  • Remove the deck.
  • Renovation of a sizable room

Dumpsters 30 Yards

The most popular dumpster size we provide at Samuelson Disposal Services LLC is a 30 yard roll-off container. They are simpler to load and take up less room at your company’s location because to their tiny size. The size is 14 feet long by 8 feet broad by 6 feet high. The following projects are suitable for using these enormous roll-off containers:

  • Adding on to or remodelling a home
  • development of new housing
  • destruction of a shed or garage
  • siding and window replacement

40 yard containers

This 40-yard dumpster will be the ideal option for you if a 30-yard container won’t suffice to meet all of your rubbish removal demands. The biggest dumpster we have available is this one. This dumpster measures 16′ long by 8′ wide and 6′ high. It will be beneficial for bigger projects like:

  • industrial cleaning
  • Construction or remodelling for businesses
  • A significant demolition project
  • building site at home.

Significant home remodelling

Call us at (815) 620-0315 if you’re unsure of the dumpster size that will work best for your project so we can help you acquire it as soon as possible. Speak with a member of our knowledgeable staff who has experience determining the ideal dumpster size for projects of all sizes.